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dota 2 ti4 2014 the international 10million valve

Dota 2 reaches $10 million prize pool. A new age for gaming and E-Sport.

This is a revolutionary year for gaming where gaming is no longer considered a hobby but an actual sport. Valve started its stretch goal to collect $8 million in the past 3 months by allowing users to purchase a in-game [...]

June 27, 2014 Games, Steam

Steam VAC now reads all the websites you visit. NOT TRUE.

A recent thread on Reddit indicates that Valve’s anti-cheat system VAC which is used to protect from hackers in multiplayer games that is Steam exclusive has been modified by Valve recently to scan a computer’s DNS cache next to all [...]

February 17, 2014 Games, Steam, Windows

Shadow Warrior Redux now available on Steam with limited time discount!

On March we saw the release of Duke Nukem Megaton edition which is a HD version of the original Duke Nukem 3d with all the expansion packs. Today General Arcade the developer of DN3d:MEGATON has released the clut classic “Shadow [...]

July 8, 2013 Games

New Video shows off controlling your PS4 from Mobile device.

Sony has released a new video that shows off the Playstation 4′s UI and UX. Any new event such as replying to messages or responding to completed downloads is done by 1-button click on PS controller. Also the on-screen keyboard [...]

June 19, 2013 Playstation

Geforce 320.14 Beta Drivers Released!

Nvidia has released a new beta driver with Metro:Last Light support for Geforce and Geforce-SLI enabled systems providing upto 10% increase in performance and 18% in Tomb Raider. Also SLI support for Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, GRID 2, Far Cry [...]

May 13, 2013 GPU's
epic citadel

Unreal Engine comes to the web on Firefox!

Epic Games and Mozilla have joined forces to create Unreal Engine which is powered by HTML5, WebGL and Javascript. Its pretty straight forward doesn’t require any sort of plugins to run. Uses all your native browser technologies and gpu calls [...]

May 2, 2013 Games, GPU's

idTech 5 studio(Rage mod tool) now available on Steam for Free

The long awaited Rage mod tools in now available on Steam. If you haven’t downloaded Rage the download size is going to be a astounding 35gb. If you have Rage installed its going to be 13gb. The tool can be [...]

February 8, 2013 Games

A New Benchmark Points to unparalled Performance-Breakthrough with next gen Nvidia GeForce GTX codenamed “Titan”

As the anticipated launch of the new flagship graphics card from Nvidia Corp. is getting closer, more details about the graphics card emerge. According to multiple media and non-media sources, Nvidia is indeed preparing a new single-chip graphics card based [...]

February 8, 2013 GPU's